Our children are our hopes and aspirations. We want them to excel in everything that they do in academics, sports and co-curricular activities so that they shine in every field. In order to achieve this, parents and the school authorities must work in tandem to create a vibrant and enabling environment for them. We must also ensure that they imbibe the right moral and ethical values so that they become responsible denizens of this planet. The most important thing that we can spend on children is our time. It is of immense importance in today’s milieu to provide that they become stable and strong individuals who can face the challenges of life. Let us work together and provide the very best for our children.The almanac acts as a conduit between the school and home.
Please go through it carefully for information about all the rules and regulations, parent-teacher meetings and activities in which you can encourage your child to participate.A new academic year has begun and it is a time to look forward to new goals to be set and new targets to be achieved..I wish you all a very fruitful and rewarding academic year ahead.